Therapy Theme: May, Spring, Summer


"What's in your box, Mrs. Elizabeth?"

Themes for May:  I try to carry over what I see my students doing at school.  This May, I've seen Gardening, Rain, Dragons, Mermaids, late Spring, and Early Summer concepts. 

Organization and Personal Gear

I've been back with face to face work for a while.  I still don't have a designated work space, so my favorite cart is hanging strong.  The clear mask has also done well.  It fits snugly and doesn't fog, woohoo!  This has been a game changer, especially if needing to do teletherapy while at a a mask, whew.   

 Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Plastic Tool Box

This month I was so excited to see my brand come to life with this wonderful woodwork design from SouthernWonderNC!  

 A few exciting changes: 
1) I have a newsletter!!!  You may have seen a popup when you came onto the site.  If not, you can scroll to the bottom to subscribe.  I will send an email a couple of times a month with freebies, tips for therapy, and other fun ideas.  This subscribers will get this brand new paid resource for FREE in their email.  If you sign up by tonight (5/13/2021), you'll get this game for free this week!  If you miss it as a freebie, be sure to sign up so you catch the next freebie.  This game will also be included in my Bottomless Bundle of Book Companions on TpT.  That means every time a new book is added, you can download it for free!

2) Be sure you're following me on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This month, my followers received this paid resource "Let's Go to the Beach" for free.  Each month, TpT authors can only send one message to followers.  My instagram followers found out about this as part of a loop of 30 sellers who worked tirelessly to create end of the year/summer resources to share for free.  It was a huge success.  You can find out more about future events like this here.  If you missed out on the loop, this cute book and game is still available!  Just make sure to follow so you can snag the next freebie.  

I have had the best time with some great new shirts from fellow SLPs.  Here are some cute ones I snagged this month.  

 I love this sticker from Speech Coffee Teas

This one came from good 'ol Amazon.  
I think I might have enough shirts now...maybe...probably not.  ;)    
Engaging materials and structuring for increased attention and compliance.  
Do you have a little one who throws, hides, or destroys materials?   Consider restructuring your activity to make it have a clear start and finish.  Here is an example with a tray from Target and a simple puzzle.  You could take this a step further by anchoring it to the table or by using an interactive activity with velcro. 

My students have absolutely loved having dot art this month!  In fact, they loved it so much that I put together a set of 51 reinforcer pages for articulation (each has 100 targets). You could use dot markers, magnetic discs, or send home for homework.  This set contains targets for the whole year, including pages that supplement many favorite books like "The Old Lady" series.  It's also part of a larger growing bundle that is halfway done and will have more than 750 no prep pages!  It was a request from a customer, but it's been a game changer for my students.  I'm so glad she asked me to make it!

You can check out this page for free...I also made a version on Boom Learning just for fun!  We used it with Dragons Love Tacos this past week and had a blast! 

You can find the book companion for Dragons Love Tacos here

Speaking of dragons, my kids had such fun with them that I created a new interactive e-book Dragon in a Wagon to go along with our monthly theme.  This one is similar to best sellers Mouse in the House and Moose on the Loose.  The dragon hides on various vehicles, teaching all about transportation. The best part: he roars when you click on him! 

Wipeable toys!
Let's face it, this year....we often need wipeable materials due to germ prevention.  I found this cute little moose from Learning Resources.  They also have some other great toys (sorting food by color), alphabet acorns, gift boxes.  I've had a lot of luck with these and they've held up well.  I'd peek at amazon for these.  

We used the moose for sorting, fine motor practice, describing, and guessing what was missing when we hid one of the pieces! 

Digital and Printable Circle Time, Visual Schedules, etc.  

Parent handouts: 

During Autism Acceptance month, I found some fantastic printable resources from Speechy Things.  

I also updated my free handout on Autism to be more neurodiversity-supportive and accepting than it was previously (eek, removed the puzzle piece!).  You can download it free here

I also recommend this nice handout from Simplified Speechie for creating strength-based IEPs.  

Freebies for Spring:
Freebies for Summer:

Happy May, everyone!!!


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