Arrrrrrticulation! Theme Unit: Pirates

In my 16th year as an SLP, I used a pirate theme unit for the first time.  I had seen other SLP's doing this, but I didn't feel like I could use a lot of the materials because they contained weapons or violence.  So, I made some of my own!  I also found a newer game that seemed a little more G rated than the "old favorite" that has children sticking swords into a barrel until the pirate pops out (kids love it, but when I thought about the context of the game, I didn't love it).  

I made an interactive book for arrrrrrticulation called Kiki Looks for Perry.  It comes in a printable version with pieces to put into the book and in Boom Card version (you get both versions!).  Click on the image below to purchase.  (All of my pirate goodies are 50 cents this week only)

Kiki Looks for Perry targets medial /R/ for arrrrrrticulation.  

I made a game that targets /R/ in the initial, medial, and final position (all in the same game) and I also created a few individual target games for phonemes on Boom Learning.  Click the images below to access.  The video is a preview of the arrrrticulation game for the /R/ sound.

A couple other favorite resources are There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map.  The "Old Lady" series takes a fun twist with this one.  You can certainly have some fun coming up with clever, interactive ways to use this book.  

The game Pile Up Pirates is a newer game from TOMY.  It seemed less violent to me than the classic "barrel stabbing" version. ;) It has lots of potential for different concepts: colors, counting, spatial positions, turn-taking, and more! 

International "Talk like a Pirate Day" take place on 9/19/2020 each year.  This year it falls on a Saturday, so you could have fun the week before or after!  

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