How to Keep Your Child on Task in Teletherapy

For more information about finding and using visuals (for free!!) to help support your child in teletherapy, click here.  
1) Don’t give up even if you’ve already had a bad experience. Therapists are still learning to do this (we weren’t allowed to in N.C. before) and we are getting better and better.
2) Most of my students ARE doing well with this.
3) Even a child like Lucas can be successful with the right tools and visuals in place. In fact, he has done BETTER in teletherapy than he did face to face.
4) Don’t be afraid to communicate directly with the therapist if something isn’t going well. It is our job to make your life better by giving your child communication. Sometimes, our role is to listen to you vent...and to find ways to support you.
Hang in there everyone!!!

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