Visual Set FREE for a Week and other Tips and Tricks

I feel that visuals are important enough that I'm making my Ultimate Visual Schedule set FREE for the next week.  Just click below and you can download for free this week.  It has 32 pages of images and schedules.  I hope it will help you and your family if you are struggling to manage at home right now!  Please (gently) give me feedback to let me know if there are other pictures or styles that would be helpful for you or your family.  Click the image to download for FREE!

Ultimate Visual Schedule Set

 are some ideas of things to try to fill the time:

A lot of this I've gathered or repurposed over time.  Look around your home and consider what you might already have before purchasing: could you wash out a mayonnaise jar?  Could you save a box?

Things that have been helpful for us:
1) Using visuals: even though our son is verbal, he is a visual learner (most children are) and this helps him to stay on task, reduce anxiety, and know what he is supposed to do.
2) Using physical structure: I love containers and boxes.  If I didn't put the toys or pieces below into a box....Lucas would put them in his mouth, throw them, destroy, etc.  Putting them into a box turns it into a "task" and he knows what to do.
3) Use a "finished box".  When the tasks are finished, Lucas puts them in the box.  He can see the pile diminishing and he can see on his schedule what is he doesn't worry.  This reduces repetitive language and behavior.  He seems to like doing these tasks...he appears happy in these moments and he doesn't resist the structure; on the contrary, it seems to make him happy.

Here are some simple task ideas below with pictures of how to consider organizing them to keep your child happy and successful.  Also keep in mind, that some children cannot do truly independent tasks and need full supervision for safety.  Your child may also need larger materials or non-magnets for safety purposes.  That's an individual consideration.

We use a cart for our "work station".  We have picture cues for both independent and partner work depending on the need and the moment.

This task has magnets, a printed copy, and a cookie sheet to stick them to.

This is a set you might find on amazon...I just added the box to contain the pieces.  For my child, I only put the pieces that go into the puzzle.  This reduces his frustration and helps him to be successful. Other children might not be able to handle small pieces safely OR they may be able to handle the whole box independently and still complete the task.  You can adjust your materials and setup as you need to.

This is a video of a fun task we made with what we had around the house.  We found the lightup balls at the dollar store.  Then, we repurposed a box and added some tape to the top.  As the balls fall in, they light up, with Lucas enjoys.  Because I added structure to the task....he knows when it is finished (when the balls are all transferred into the box), but he does have some freedom to "play" with them while he is working.

This is our "finished" box.  

I hope that the visual schedule will be helpful for you and your family. It's also free for therapists and teachers who'd like to give it a try.  After the week, I'll relist it for sale. Thanks for taking the time to give it a shot and to let me know what else might be helpful to add.

Stay safe everyone!

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