Exciting New!!

I'm thrilled that after working on it for a month, I am finally able to share my new Articulation & Phonology Box Kit!! 

I remember being a new graduate and not being able to afford materials. I wanted to create a full set of card that is easy to store, can be used for both traditional therapy and cycles, and is affordable! This has 58 decks of cards (1276 targets) and 120 pages. It also includes bonus links to two games on that include all of the sounds. Items can be individually purchased on TpT....but amount to more than $120. Based in the desire to help other therapists and parents, I’ve priced the fu

ll set at $25. I hope it’s helpful! Click on the picture to find it on TpT.

Each box holds around 80 picture cards.  

The Notebook can be filled with over 120 pages of printables, parent handouts, and weekly contact sheets!
In addition to the cards and printables, I've included links to two full games on Boom Learning.  

Best of all, while I was working on putting this together, I released over 50 items in my store for FREE.  Happy Summer, Everyone!!  

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