24 Hour Free Giveaway

HUGE "thank you!!" to Smarty Symbols. It was an investment to use their program, but it has been well worth it. Their costumer service is unbelievable. I sent them a PM to let them know that I was having trouble creating visual schedules for activities of daily living. 1) they responded within an hour, 2) they wrote me back less than 2 weeks later to say that they had created brand new symbols for what I needed.


I'm thankful to have these and am working to put some things together to help my son in the bathroom with showering, teeth brushing, etc.

As a "thank you" to them and to help other parents out there, I will gladly offer this bundle for free for anyone who needs it for the next 24 hours. There are 4 separate resources listed and I will see if I can bundle them for free. If not, you can look for Bath Time, Teeth Brushing, Toileting, and Hand Washing on my TpT store.

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