Free Resources and Information for Teletherapy

Here are a couple of free resources out and about right now:

Teletherapy is a type of intervention that provides service through an online video platform that is free from obstacles, such as distance, the current COVID-19 Pandemic, ongoing issues of being medically fragile, transportation issues, and more.  It has been approved in many states recently as a temporary way to provide high-quality online speech-language intervention for families who would otherwise not be able to receive services.  When this took place, many therapists took to the web to find out more information on how to learn to provide this: what platforms to use, what technology is necessary, the legal guidelines in place, the ability to bill insurance, where to find materials, and how to implement this strategy for families.  Many SLPs were already providing this intervention and jumped at the opportunity to help their colleagues by providing free digital resources.  Here are some of the ones that were shared. 

Distance Learning Articulation- Free for 24 hours  This contains access to many phonemes and is in a PDF form that can be used via Zoom screen share, with a device held up to it, or sent to a parent as a via email for practice.

Free COVID19 Adapted Book

This is an adaptive book that helps explain the current situation to children and adults who don't understand what is happening.  Adaptive books are typically more interactive than regular books and may contain pieces, simpler language, and other style changes that individuals with delays or disorders find more engaging. 

Boom Cards are an engaging digital resource that can be created and shared by professionals.  They are interactive and can be used during telepractice and/or assigned to families on a digital platform for extra practice.  You can find out more about Boom Learning here.  Many store owners on Teachers Pay Teachers have created sets of these that families and professionals can access for free:
Free Boom Cards

Teachers Pay Teachers also has numerous materials on COVID-19 that can be shared with families and professionals for free.  Free COVID19 resources for Professionals and Families

The Digital SLP has shared quite a bit of information and resources on how to get this type of practice up and running quickly. 

This concept of online instruction is new to many therapists, families, and teachers.  Remember to be patient, kind, and understanding that this may take some time, tweaking, and grace on both sides of the computer.  We're all in this together...and we can do this! 

ASHA is the national governing agency for speech-language pathologists and audiologists.  They have provided information and guidance for both professionals and families during the short and long term for using teletherapy practice.  There are policies specific to each state, school system, and insurance company, so be sure to check with your provider to make sure you have everything that you need to make this as successful as possible.

Make sure that your child has fun with this.  It should be engaging, helpful, but also entertaining.  Therapists and teachers want children to make sure they don't regress, continue to make progress, and have some ways to connect with people while they are safe at home.

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