Tips and Tricks for surviving work/home school at once!

Good morning.  At our house, we've joked about running "Corona Academy" while both mom and dad try to figure out how to telepractice for our jobs (both in the medical procession)...and are suddenly homeschooling FOUR children.

A little humor from last week

Okay Corona Academy students...good morning.  It’s day 9. (Mom, it’s day 3.)  What did I tell you about correcting adults...Mom decides.  ALL of it.  We are running day 9.

Now. I did access the handbook and some of you should have been expelled yesterday.  The principal isn’t taking any more of my calls for some reason, so....anyone violating any of these handbook rules will be listed on eBay today.  (Mom, human trafficking is not ok).  Oh, now you want to talk about human trafficking?  You didn’t seem to think you were old enough when you hacked the WiFi and made yourself a little tictok account now did ya?

Today we will be learning about whatever I say we are learning about.  Also, we will not be eating 36 meals now that it’s day 9.  (Day 3....) *lists child 2 on ebay* 

Unless you are a cafeteria employee of Corona Academy, you are not permitted in the kitchen.  (But Mom...) That’s “Dr Corona” to you.  (I thought you had a masters degree).  My honorary PhD came in the mail yesterday.  (I thought you said not to handle the mail) *child 1 listed on eBay...could also be bundled with child 2 for a discount*

It’s recess.  Go in the backyard.  (For how long?) 2-8 weeks.

Tips and Tricks to Survive Work and School at Once:

We can do this.  We can do this.  We can do this!

1) Go easy on yourself...and your kids.
2) Go easy on your kids’ schools and teachers.
3) None of us were trained to do any of just do the best you can and try to enjoy the time with your family as much as possible.

Here is a little tour of our house during this chaos... joyful time together.

Here are some links to things to use at home.

Panda Speech Freebies Page
Covid19 Autism Toolkit
Ideas for adapted seating, free visual schedule, and more!

More Humor...our at home Spirit Days for this week: 
Monday- Pajama Day
Thursday- Pajama Day
What Day is it?- Pajama Day
Second Thursday- Pajama Day
Friday- whoa...are those the same pajamas?  Pajama Day!

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