No Biting!

Biting is a challenge that most neurotypical children come across as they grow up.  We often see it linger in younger and older children who are experiencing communication difficulties, sensory seeking behavior, anxiety, etc. 

One thing to remember: if this behavior is related to communication, sensory seeking, or anxiety, it likely isn't going to go away.  We might need to consider "replacing it" with something healthier. Some ideas for redirecting this need to something safer/more appropriate:

  • Offer crunchy snacks
  • Use chewy devices (chewy tubes, necklaces, pencil toppers, etc.); these items are generally designed and marketed by companies to be made out of safe materials and come in a variety of strengths.  You can find some on amazon and also on the Ark website.  
  • Use a calming routine.
  • Consider addressing this behavior from a communication sense with an SLP, from a sensory seeking sense from an OT, and/or from an anxiety sense from a behavioral specialist.  All offer unique perspectives, but can also work together to help reduce this type of negative/unexpected behavior.  
I'm also attaching a link to a one-page printable that might be used as a social story for children who have ongoing biting difficulty.  Social stories and behavioral management systems work better if they are introduced when the child is calm.  So when the child is NOT calm, redirect their behavior to keep them safe and to protect others, then use the social story to remind the child of what is/is not expected.

You can download the one page social story here:

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