Is Speech Therapy an Essential Service?


Why is speech and language intervention an essential service? 

1) Without speech/language skills, we cannot communicate. 
2) Communication is the foundation of human development.  Early intervention is the most important treatment tool for developmental delays, autism, etc.  
2) Communication impacts all areas of life: health, social/emotional wellbeing, relationships, and education
3) Without language, we cannot learn. 
4) No one else is trained to facilitate alternative/augmentative communication.  
5) Without intervention, our clients may lose the ability to communicate basic needs, including illness, injury, hunger, and pain.

Today’s Storytime is brought to us from one of my favorite books: Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems 

I hope you enjoy the video and better understand the importance of speech/language therapy...even if it is via video format for the time being. 

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