Archive: Lucas Turned Four

Four years ago, minus one day...we flew across the country to meet our son.  We went on a whirlwind of an adoption journey and eventually were able to finalize the adoption of this adorably busy little bee!  We new from birth that he would likely have developmental delays...and he does, but he has made such wonderful progress.  We've been blessed with a great team of early intervention specialists who have him speaking in adorable sentences, learning fine motor tasks, and managing his strong desire for sensory input.  On the 4th try, we finally had a birthday celebration that didn't lead to tears.  I've finally figured out that he does NOT want a party...or candles....or white milk....he wants cupcakes, CHOCOLATE milk, and no paparazzi in his face taking pictures.  I think we also nailed his presents this year: two musical Frozen books, a water table with spinning parts, and a busy board with all sorts of neat features made by dad (recessed cubbies, a working light-switch, a ball drop...and room to add stuff once those items become "old news"). 


We are so proud of this tiny little man and all of his amazing accomplishments!!!  

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