Archive: Reasons we Almost Didn't Make it: Part 1

Okay, so I'm a pretty organized person.  However, I've been gifted the most chaotic household on the planet.  Every last one of them has attention issues, hyperactivity, or has gotten into the mini muffins and is running around like a lunatic.  I haven't given up on getting somewhere....yet.  One of these days, by golly, one.of.these.days. Each and every time I try to take the kids somewhere by myself, I have to start getting them in the car at least 30 minutes prior to leaving.  Why? 

1) Lucas is naked. Or sitting in a barstool saying "I want coffee, honey."  (you know, because I'm running a bed and breakfast...)

2) Shoes are all kinds of places, but never where they're supposed to be:

3) Children are all kinds of places, but never where they're supposed to's usually these two culprits causing the most havoc:

4) Everyone has pooped.

5) No one is dressed.  I said it nicely 16 times before I "elevated the volume of my voice" this time, I swear!  But come on...every time I turn around someone looks like this when we're supposed to be wearing something "normal":

6) My body is falling apart...not really, I'm just a really active person with wear and tear and the occasional "oops" moment (i.e. tearing a ligament while catching a falling box that weighed about as much as me...not bright).    Last year, I was down a leg for oh, just 10 months or so.  This year it's just an arm...I mean, that's nothing, right?  One-handed diapering, carrying chubby babies, cooking, cleaning.  Piece o cake!  I'm going to use that as my excuse for taking 6 weeks to update the blog...yep, that's it! Anything is better than baby-wearing on crutches while chasing a 4 year old and trying to handle two school age kids, right!? 

7) I got us a puppy and it's all my fault.  I mean, I had the kids' best interest at heart...really, I did.  Jacob has been saying he wants to be a vet for years...and he's afraid of dogs.  So here I thought "okay, he's's the window".  Was this a crazy time to get a puppy?  Yes, yes it was.  I admit it.  Are hubby and I the ones taking care of this adorable little rascal?  Yes, yes we are. children, the cuter a puppy is, the naughtier she will be....

8) Lucas has hijacked my phone and taken a series of National Geographic style

photos and video selfies from my lock screen.  The phone is now disabled and I can try again in 5 minutes....
His teacher sent me this one...she said she has "a lot of his work" too.  Haha.  Thankful to have this one because he's stripped his clothes off in most of my album.  Sigh.....

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