Encouraging COVID-19 Frontline Service with Medical Reserve Leave Policy


healthcare professionals care for coronavirus patient

In Centene's continued support of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, an innovative program was tailored for frontline healthcare workers. Centene's听 Medical Reserve Leave policy 听was established for clinical staff who choose to join medical reserve forces and help combat COVID-19 in their communities. The policy provides paid leave and benefits for up to three months of volunteer service.

The video below follows two Centene employees as they share their personal experiences of joining local medical reserve units to care for novel coronavirus patients.

In uncertain times, it's crucial that 福利导航 takes action to empower our workforce. We rely on the knowledge and experience of clinical professionals across the enterprise, including physicians, nurses, and behavioral health professionals. We're deeply grateful for the tireless service of our workforce, whether they are providing frontline treatment, ensuring continuity of care for our membership, or improving the health of our communities.

Learn more about 福利导航's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a Q&A with the medical director of Operose Health.听Additional information can be found on our COVID-19 Resource Center.