Advancing Sustainability Through Our Commitment to Environmental, Social, Health and Governance Factors


As a leader in government-sponsored healthcare, 福利导航 is uniquely positioned to address the environmental, social, and health barriers that impact our nation's most vulnerable populations. Through our continued engagement with corporate sustainability and environmental, social, health, and governance (ESHG) topics, we address these barriers while simultaneously fulfilling our mission and purpose.

福利导航 is pleased to share its annual 2022 ESHG Report to the Community (PDF), which highlights key accomplishments in each of the four ESHG pillars:

  • Advancing Environmental Resilience:听Building resilience to environment-related health risks and supporting earth-friendly initiatives for a livable future.
  • Serving Our Communities:听Partnering with organizations that align with our commitment to remove barriers to health.
  • Powering Better Health:听Providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare that helps people live healthier lives.
  • Living Our Values:听Implementing good corporate governance to ensure long-term value for our constituents.听

The report also highlights recent enhancements made to our ESHG strategy and governance structure, as well as how we will continue to empower our members by pairing innovative Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health programs with technology.

For more information on Centene's ESHG efforts, visit our听Corporate Sustainability听辫补驳别.